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Manufacture and wholesale footwear Passio Lux Style

Factory Passio Lux Style - the leading manufacturer of women's leather shoes in Ukraine. The company manufactures and wholesale high-quality women's footwear of premium quality from Italian, Polish and Turkish materials.

The footwear of TM Passio Lux Style is an all-consuming passion for both women and men. A woman dreams of shoes from Passio Lux Style, a man - a woman in shoes from Passio Lux Style.

In today's world there is a stereotype that high heeled high-heeled shoes is a victim for beauty and fashion, leg pain and foot deformation, but in the shoes of TM Passio Lux Style we are ready to trample all your doubts.

The mission of the company is to create comfortable, comfortable and practical Ukrainian women's shoes, which is in no way inferior to European brands. The collections of women's footwear TM Passio lux style combine modern trends of world fashion and individuality of style, high quality, comfort and comfort, as well as the peculiarities of the structure of the foot of the Slavs (fullness, height of lifting) are taken into account.

A great variety of models in each collection allows our partners to create their own assortment and sales strategy for each new season. According to the partners who represent our shoes, the key to success is high quality products, an individual approach to the development of each model, the selection of universal pads, the use of genuine leather and the best high-quality raw materials (Turkey, Poland, Italy). Women prefer our own shoes because of their original design, a sense of comfort and an affordable price.

All this is the result of many years of successful work of our designers, technologists and working team. The entire production process is adjusted to the smallest detail, and full control of the production chain allows you to create high quality shoes and eliminate the output of low-quality products.

The company offers its partners quick and organized service, timely execution of orders, individual service. We guarantee our clients justice and respect, regardless of the country or region in which they operate.


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